WE also offer Corporate Training !
Employer/Employee Private Training & Consulation:
In addition to our courses that are available, we also will train your employees on threat recognition and assessment and give tips on how to avoid the criminal in the first place inside, outside, traveling and at home.
Let us assist you in setting up your Crisis Mgmt Team. We will help you design  or update your Company' s Crisis Managment policy and then help train your employees on how to respond when bad things happen.
A crisis is any catastrophic event that impedes your daily operations. Whether you will allow concealed carry in your workplace or not, you still need a plan for crisis managment. There are so many other things that can affect your company.
Workplace Violence - Weather Events - Fire - Robbery or Armed Attacks - Internal Theft - Accidental Injury or Death - Technology systems events - Dealing with the Press and MORE !
Many Companies have several remote or satellite locations away from Corporate Headquarters. Whether yours does or whether everything and everyone is at the Home Office, during a crisis, it is paramount to have all Employees and Management trained and on the same page  in an effort to get things back to normalcy as soon as possible.
Are you thinking about allowing concealed carry? .....................Let us help with that
Recent legislature has gone into effect in Indiana ,and many other states, which permits and protects  the Licensed Concealed Carry employee to legally keep his/her firearm locked in their vehicle while at work, regardless of the Employer's policy.
However, we also can help you review the advantages and decide if you are going to allow Concealed Carry in your business . We will provide information that shows the benefits of allowing such practice however the decision is up to you. We provide the information, you make the call!We then provide guidelines and training on designing your CCW policy, Training your employees, and the incorporation of this policy into your Crisis Mgmt Plan. The world has changed and progressive business owners must change with it. Studies have shown that allowing legal CCW in your workplace does not increase the potential for workplace violence. It has been acknowledged in multiple instances of workplace violence , that death and injury could have actually been less had just one trained employee  been armed  during the incident of violence.
 Did you know that you could be found negligent by not allowing properly trained and lawful  CCW Employees the opportunity to legally defend themselves?
EMT-First Responders- E.R/Hospital Personnel- Custom Class & Custom pricing
-Certificate issued upon completion for Employer and all attendees
We will custom build a class for your needs and will train your employees at your facility. As more and more Americans exercise our 2nd Amendment rights, there will be more and more times when Emergency responders and Emergency Room personnel will have to treat a victim who has a loaded firearm on their person. We will teach you how to inspect the firearm, determine its type, whether or not it is still loaded or cocked or if it is ready to fire etc. and we will show you how to  remove it safely from the victim, and how to store it safely until it can be removed from the premises by the proper owners or personnel. We also discuss Conceal Carry for the First Responder.
Notice: Although during some courses discussions and reference to Federal, State, & Local laws do take place, Please understand and be advised that No Instructor or Personnel of Campbell Personal Defense are Attorneys or Police Officers and we do not practice Law or provide legal advice. Anyone who is considering the carrying or use of a firearm is responsible for researching all laws and regulations of your locale. Consultation with an Attorney is advised.
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