"The great body of our citizens shoot less as times goes on. We should encourage rifle practice among schoolboys, and indeed among all classes, as well as in the military services by every means in our power. Thus, and not otherwise, may we be able to assist in preserving peace in the world... The first step – in the direction of preparation to avert war if possible, and to be fit for war if it should come – is to teach men to shoot!"
– President Theodore Roosevelt
Some trainers may boast of 40-50-90 person class sizes.
Some trainers do not instruct  for the full training hours required.
Unfortunately there are some trainers who are not actually properly certified by the Organizations that they attempt to teach. Click here for more info
And sure, some training programs are cheaper.
At Campbell Personal Defense WE believe personalized instruction is paramount and our Class size is small (5-25 person maximum)to allow for a better learning environment. Whether you are taking a crime avoidance course or crisis mgmt training or basic pistol instruction, you have paid good  money for instruction and you deserve the proper attention to your training and guidance for success. 
Range time also is managed to assure that the student receives the proper attention and direction that they deserve. If you can't hit the target, there's not much sense in carrying a gun. Many range classes can be limited to not over 4 students per instructor.
We can and will, upon request, also schedule all female classes for you and your friends if  you would be more comfortable in this learning environment. We understand that some new to firearms and shooting sports may be more at ease in the beginning not having the "guys" around.
IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A GROUP OF FRIENDS OR COLLEAGUES  WHO WANT TO TAKE ONE OF THESE CLASSES, and if you have a location we can use as a classroom, then PLEASE EMAIL me on the  "CONTACT US"  PAGE AS WE CAN COME TO YOU if that makes more sense.
We also do Employer Group training for any of the Course's listed below.
Courses and Training We Offer are Listed Below
Prices listed below are per Student and Deposits or Pre Payment are required for registration. All Registration is online.
These are the flat rate fees, but you should check on the scheduling page for special pricing and early registration discounts
1. NRA  REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM®   Course- 3 hours - $ 45.00
-Certificate issued upon completion.
This course is designed to give women &  men different options to consider in an effort to avoid becoming a victim of crime.
Discussions and training on personal safety and threat avoidance, we offer measures you can take to make your home more secure, being safer when you travel at home or abroad, become better at your own situational awareness wherever you may go or be, whether in your car, at work, going in and out of bldgs, stairways, elevators, etc. Where to sit, where not to walk, where not to linger. We discuss ways to avoid identity theft, Phone and internet scams.
This is a good affordable course for anyone to take, Candidates are High School/College  Students, Church Groups, Employer/Employee training, Neighborhood Watch groups, Service Organizations & The Elderly.
It is NOT  about firearms and is NOT  a "Gun Class"
2.  NRA Home Firearms Safety  Course- 4 hours-$75.00 
-Certificate issued upon completion.
This class is sometimes referred to as "the class for the family members of the shooting enthusiast."
It is a well designed introduction to firearms safety in and about the home. We discuss the Proper storage of firearms and ammunition, how to handle a firearm safely, Identification of types of firearms and ammunition.
This class is just a good place to start for those who have no experience or are not yet completely comfortable being around firearms. It's a " help ya undestand" class.
3.  NRA 1st Steps Pistol Class -3 hours  - $50.00  
-Certificate issued upon completion.
This is an  Introductory Class where here we have the 1st steps pistol class for the person who is totally new to guns and shooting and wants to check it out. We provide the basics and we welcome the nervous, the timid, the scared. It's OK, we have patience and you will have fun. If you do not own a handgun, that's OK too, just tell us in advance and we will provide you one to shoot with.The content of this class in included in the Basic Pistol Class listed below. It is Not necessary to take both.
4.  NRA Basic Pistol Course - 8 hours  - $115.00 
-Certificate issued upon completion.
Moving on thru the course we provide further training to get the shooter more comfortable with the firearm. Discussion of types of handguns and how to choose one, Proper technique, stance, aiming, breathing and more. We also discuss gun safety, gun storage and cleaning, ammunition types and storage, and all of the other things a responsible gun owner should know.  Again, here if you do not own a handgun, dont go out and buy one for the class. We can loan you one for the shooting range work.
The  OHIO CCW "add on" to the NRA pistol- 4 hours$25.00 plus the NRA pistol class above.
The above  NRA pistol class can be expanded to fulfill the full 12 hour requirements of the State of Ohio  HB12(2923.125 Ohio RC). for those wishing CCW application INCLUDING 2 HOURS RANGE SHOOTING.
This 12 hour course (NRA pistol 8hr+OH CCW addon 4 hr) can be completed in 1 day or spread out over 2 or 3 days depending on student wishes. Fingerprinting is done by your local Sheriff's dept.
5.  OHIO CCW Renewal Class - By Appt - 4 hours - $ 40.00
-Certificate issued upon completion
This is the renewal class required by Ohio Revised Code and meets criteria for your CCW renewal.
6.  Utah Non Resident CFP (CCW) class - 4 to 6 hours -$90.00-
-Certificate issued upon completion & your  application stamped by Utah Cert. Instructor. ready for mailing !
This is 4-6 hr (depending on questions/discussions)classroom instruction per Utah BCI criteria. You don't need to bring anything !
Application paperwork and fingerprint cards are supplied. We will fingerprint you if you desire for additional fee . INDIANA REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE A RESIDENT INDIANA LTCH to carry in Indiana, if you live in Indiana. This addon is  a good supplement to your Indiana LTCH which increases your ability to defend yourself in approx 33 State. This is great for Indiana residents so you can legally carry in Ohio plus more States that do not accept Indiana LTCH alone. It also suffices for Ohio residents who do not wish to take the full 12 hour OH CCW course.
7.  NRA Defensive Handgun Personal Protection in the Home -8 hours(PPITH)  - $125.00... You must have prior NRA Pistol
-Certificate issued upon completion. 
This class is a defensive pistol class and is not for the novice shooter. Guns are not provided so you should bring the gun you carry and shoot for self defense. Here we  further educate the shooter with more intensive Range live fire exercises along with training to make your home a more secure environment along with how to conduct yourself when bad things happen.
8.  NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course- $ 150.00
9.  NRA Shotgun Shell Reloading Course- $ 100.00-Each by appointment only.
Save money and have fun by reloading your own ammunition with either of these two courses or both ! It's not hard to do and is more precise than Manufacturer's ammo if done correctly. Take pride in the fact that you load your own. Reloading at home is safe and easy and does not cost much to get started and is not very time consuming to load up several boxes of personalized ammunition.
10. PERSONAL 1 on 1  PISTOL INSTRUCTION - $60.00 per hr -By apppointment only.
This is appointment only one on one pistol training for those who are not yet ready for a small classroom environment or those who just want to learn how to shoot a handgun or how to improve their marksmanship. This is not an NRA certification class.
WE also offer:
Employer/Employee Private Training & Consulation:
In addition to the Course's available above,  Let us assist you in setting up your Crisis Mgmt Team. We will help you design  or update your Company' s Crisis Managment policy and then help train your employees on how to respond when bad things happen.
A crisis is any catastrophic event that impedes your daily operations. Whether you will allow concealed carry in your workplace or not, you still need a plan for crisis managment. There are so many other things that can affect your company.
Workplace Violence - Weather Events - Fire - Robbery or Armed Attacks - Internal Theft - Accidental Injury or Death - Technology systems events - Dealing with the Press and MORE !
Many Companies have several remote or satellite locations away from Corporate Headquarters. Whether yours does or whether everything and everyone is at the Home Office, during a crisis, it is paramount to have all Employees and Management trained and on the same page  in an effort to get things back to normalcy as soon as possible.
We also can help you review the advantages and decide if you are going to allow Concealed Carry in your business or on your property. We then provide guidelines and training on designing your CCW policy and the incorporation of this policy into your Crisis Mgmt Plan. The world has changed and progressive business owners must change with it. Studies have shown that allowing legal CCW in your workplace does not increase the potential for workplace violence. It has been acknowledged in multiple instances of workplace violence , that death and injury could have actually been less had just one trained employee  been armed  during the incident of violence.
 Did you know that you could be found negligent by not allowing properly trained and lawful  CCW Employees the opportunity to legally defend themselves?
EMT-First Responders- E.R/Hospital Personnel- Custom Class & Custom pricing
-Certificate issued upon completion for Employer and all attendees
We will custom build a class for your needs and will train your employees at your facility. As more and more Americans exercise our 2nd Amendment rights, there will be more and more times when Emergency responders and Emergency Room personnel will have to treat a victim who has a loaded firearm on their person. We will teach you how to inspect the firearm, determine its type, whether or not it is still loaded or cocked or if it is ready to fire etc. and we will show you how to  remove it safely from the victims body, and how to store it safely until it can be removed from the premises by the proper owners or personnel. 
Notice: Although during some courses discussions and reference to Federal, State, & Local laws do take place, Please understand and be advised that No Instructor or Personnel of Campbell Personal Defense are Attorneys or Police Officers and we do not practice Law or provide legal advice. Anyone who is considering the carrying or use of a firearm is responsible for researching all laws and regulations of your locale.  Consultation with an Attorney is advised.
To inquire about a class, ask a general question,  please email us thru the CONTACT US PAGE !
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