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                           ALL NRA Certified Instructors have an Instructor # that is issued by the NRA. This information is also on their Instructor's Card.
                           ALL Utah Certified CFP (CCW) Instructors have a Utah Instructor # issued by the Utah BCI. This is verified by the Instructor's License.
                           Your Instructor should be able to immediately show his /her proper credentials upon your arrival to class. If he cannot, then he may not be properly accredited to teach the course you are taking and you may be entitled to a refund of any deposits or fees paid. 
In some cases, State Agency's have been known to revoke Individual CCW permits if it is discovered later on that their Course was taught by an Improper Instructor.
Ask to see your Instructor's credentials if he/she does not offer to show you.
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"The Fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling are"
     #1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
     #2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
     #3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
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That effective May 10th, 2011 ...Utah requires that all Utah CFP applicants hold and submit a valid CCW permit from the State they reside in with their application. You can still take a Utah CFP class while waiting on your home state ccw to arrive however. The class certificate is valid for one year and you have that long to apply for the Utah CFP.
Did you know?
(Tom Givens at RangeMaster in Memphis):
  " You are far more likely to be attacked in a life-threatening manner away from home. Thus, one should be armed whenever one is away from home. That is the purpose of a carry permit and skill with a personal sidearm—the sidearm is the weapon carried away from home. To illustrate, here are some statistics from the United States Department of Justice, looking at Robbery Locations for the year 2007:
Street- 43.8% 
Commercial- 13.9%
Residence- 15.2%
Banks- 2.1%
Gas station- 2.6%
Miscellaneous- 16.8%.
So, you are almost three times as likely to be robbed on the street than at home."
Did you know ?
Violent Media/Video Games...
In a study of  the data collected from 17 school shootings, the following was learned.
With the exception of a few minor exceptions, none of the school shooters were willing to participate in  diciplined structured activities such as martial arts, sports, etc, but all of them were infatuated with media violence.
In the end, the profile of the school killer is that of a sad, pathetic little kid who is obsessed with violent movies, TV, and/or video games, but who will not participate in an activity in which he might be hurt or have to submit to discipline.
                                                                    -Lt. Col. David Grossman
                                                                      from the book "On Combat"
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That the Supreme Court has ruled on several occasions that the police are NOT required to protect you? One such case is:
In Warren v. District of Columbia where the victims sued the District of Columbia for failing to come when repeated calls were made for help.  
There were two women  upstairs in a townhouse in Washington D.C when they heard their roommate, a third woman, being attacked downstairs by intruders. The women phoned the police several times and were told that officers were enroute. After approximately 30 minutes, when the roommate's screams had stopped, the two assumed the police had shown up. But when they went downstairs they saw that  the police never came, but the attackers were still there.  
The Warren court states in the opinion: "For the next fourteen hours the women were held captive, raped, robbed, beaten, forced to commit sexual acts upon each other, and made to submit to the sexual demands of their attackers."
The three women sued the District of Columbia for failing to protect them, but The Supreme Court. the nation's  highest court . found that it is a "fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen." 
There are many similar cases with same judgements.
Google it to be shocked !
Essentially, the police DO NOT have to respond when you call them.
WE are obligated to protect ourselves !
Did you know?
Oxford Press-Oxford, OH
By Kelsey Cano, Staff Writer
Updated 1:06 AM Monday, January 2, 2012
Firearm background checks performed by the FBI have increased during the past year, a sign that gun sales have increased significantly.
From Jan. 1, 2011, to Nov. 30, 2011, the latest information available, more than 406,000 firearm background checks were conducted in Ohio, up from 393,000 in 2010 and 292,000 10 years ago, according to information gathered by the Middletown Journal from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, an FBI agency.
Did you know ? 
Society  can be classified into 3 types. 
A. The WOLVES-These are the bad element which roam the earth among us. Taking, Injuring, Killing and Maiming. These are the ones among us who have no respect whatsoever or have no consideration for anyone or anything. They do not have compassion, they do not have sympathy. They will kill the SHEEP and they will kill each other and not think a thing of it. They will do whatever they can to destroy those who will not or who can not stop them in an effort to take what they want. Sometimes that taking is nothing more then the act of killing itself.  
B. The SHEEP - These are those of us who are timid and passive. They are gentle and naive. They are ignorant of their surroundings and They do not believe anything bad will actually happen to them, or at least they blindly hope so. Many live their lives in denial that the world is  dangerous  and is getting more so every day. When the Wolves come, as they always do, The SHEEP panic and cower and hope for the best, which, unfortunately, is many times not very good. The Sheep do not like the SHEEPDOGS very much and are somewhat nervous being around them, but when the WOLVES come, they bleet and run and hope the SHEEPDOGS will come to their aid.
C. The SHEEPDOGS- These are those among us who are the protectors of ourselves and others. We understand that the world is dangerous and we work to be aware of our surroundings and fight off the wolves when they come around. WE are not paranoid, we are just more observant and aware. We are trained and We  will come when the SHEEP are attacked. We are not bloodthirsty like the WOLVES but We are resolute in our commitment to fight to the death to protect  Ourselves and the SHEEP.
WE are the Military.
WE are Law Enforcement.
WE are the Legally Armed Civilians who understand the consequences of what the Wolves will do.
Did you know?
For nearly 100 years the basic design and function of the Model 1911 pistol has remained virtually unchanged, and is the basis for every automatic pistol made today. Designed by genius John Browning, the 1911 was the standard issue of the U.S Military from 1911 until 1985. They never could come up with a better pistol.
Did you know?
John Browning's M2-.50 caliber machine gun was designed for use during WWI and is STILL in use today by the American Military in the global war on terrorism !
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