Bruce Campbell, CPSS,  is a Certified Protective Security Specialist and is available for Contract or Full time assignment.
Domestic or Abroad.
Campbell Personal Defense also has a professional relationship with a leading  Executive / Dignitary Protection Company in Indiana.
Today's methods of successful Executive Protection are actually quite different than those used by  the military or police.  Executive and Dignitary Protection is a specialty field with a different mindset.
We are  not intimidating bullies and thugs either.
We are specialists who strive for excellence in client safety and satisfaction. We consult with your team and then do the research and advance work necessary to put together the best workable plan for your needs.
We then help provide the personnel and the equipment that you need to go from place to place safely, while maintaining proper professional decorum.
Whether traveling or just commuting, if you are at home or in the office, while attending a dinner or ballroom gala, or just going to a public event , we can be as discreet or as visible as you require or expect.
We can assist you in obtaining qualified Executive Protection for whatever  your needs.
Domestic and foreign travel assignments are both accepted.
For Corporate Executives, Politicians, Sports Figures, Dignitaries, Celebrities, Event Security or anyone who needs  protection and  the secure feeling  that having a dedicated EP team in place provides.  
If you would like to discuss obtaining protection services please contact Bruce directly at  or call 765.993.0310.
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