Our list of Non Firearms classes will be growing soon. Victimization can be reduced and avoided simply by better situational awareness and advance planning.
Please keep checking here for what we can offer for your Church Group, School, Neighborhood Watch Program, Scout Troop, 4H. 
1. C.P.D's TRAVEL SAFE® - 5 hours-$100.00 pp for group of 10 or less / $ 90.00 pp for  group of 11 or more /   or $ 130.00 per couple/family
This course is our designed program to teach the domestic and foreign traveler important practices and mindsets while traveling safely in the United States and abroad. Great for Business Travelers, Students going abroad, Spring Breakers, Family Vacationers  and anyone who travels weekly or once a year.
We will teach you how to not look like you don't belong, how to act, and what to not do or say.
We also discuss flying safely and airport security, cruise safety, train safety, driving practices, where NOT to go , what to take with you and more.
IF you are planning a trip, you need this course to show you things you never thought about.
2. NRA REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM® Course- 3 hours- $ 45.00 pp or $35.00 pp for group of 15 or more.
-Certificate issued upon completion.
This course is designed to give women & men different options to consider in an effort to avoid becoming a victim of crime.
Discussions and training on personal safety and threat avoidance, we offer measures you can take to make your home more secure, being safer when you travel at home or abroad, become better at your own situational awareness wherever you may go or be, whether in your car, at work, going in and out of bldgs, stairways, elevators, etc. Where to sit, where not to walk, where not to linger. We discuss ways to avoid identity theft, Phone and internet scams.
This is a good affordable course for anyone to take, Candidates are High School/College Students, Church Groups, Employer/Employee training, Neighborhood Watch groups, Service Organizations & The Elderly.
It is NOT about firearms and is NOT a "Gun Class"
Notice: Although during some courses discussions and reference to Federal, State, & Local laws do take place, Please understand and be advised that No Instructor or Personnel of Campbell Personal Defense are Attorneys or Police Officers and we do not practice Law or provide legal advice. Anyone who is considering the carrying or use of a firearm is responsible for researching all laws and regulations of your locale. Consultation with an Attorney is advised.
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