Testimonials from some of our past clients
"The information and study guides I received at your class for the Utah CFP certificate, far exceeded my expectations.  Your teaching abilities and manner of presentation made the class not only interesting, but ensured that I, and the other participants, understood the attitude and obligations associated with having a CFP.  The casual atmosphere of the class allowed for questions, and encouraged participation by all those present.  Your knowledge of how to handle many varied confrontational situations greatly added to the learning experience.  But most of all, I was especially impressed with the continual safety instructions given throughout the many topics covered.  I highly recommend this class to anyone thinking about carrying a concealed weapon."
Steve Wylde- Otisco, IN
"After taking this (NRA Basic Pistol) class today I feel a lot more confident in having my gun. I mean I was never afraid of guns, but I was always kind of nervous with it. Now I feel much better  and know that I can use my revolver correctly, from knowing what all the parts are to cleaning it and shooting it the right way. You made this class fun and I am glad my husband signed me up for it. Thanks Bruce."
Mrs. A.G - Hagerstown, IN
" My wife just called me on the way home from your NRA Basic Pistol Class and she feels much more confident in herself and handling a firearm. She was really happy and I am impressed. Thank you."
Mr. C.G.- Hagerstown, IN
" In what?  Maybe  20 minutes you had me blowing out the center of the target consistently ! 
" Thanks for the  shooting lesson I obviously needed it and I really liked the one  on one cause you made shooting fun again."
M. Smith - Indianapolis, IN
“ I took a Utah CFP class from someone else in the Spring of 2010 only to find out that the guy was not properly certified to teach the Class. After I finally got my money back, 3 months later, I signed up for yours. Your Class was much better and more information was presented plus it was a lot of fun. And you could prove that you're really a Properly Certified Instructor !
Thanks alot !”
Mr. R. S - Wayne Co. IN.
“Good job on the Utah Class, very informative and you made it interesting. I would recommend it to anyone. It was a good time learning serious stuff.”
Mr. C. W.- Richmond, IN.
"I enjoyed your class and hope to get with you for some personal shooting instruction as soon as my work load settles down"
Mr. J. R. - Troy, OH.
"My husband took your Utah Class last night and kept us up until 1:30 in the morning talking all about it. He was really impressed on all the things you talked about so I would like to sign me and my Dad up for your next one. I know a lot of people who are wanting this permit and I am gonna sign them up too ! "
Mrs. D. S - Richmond, IN.
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